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Penis enlargement

Increase the volume of your penis through an innovative treatment

Researches show that 45% of men are dissatisfied with their penis size

Penis Enlargement using stem cells

Bioscience Institute in Dubai offers an innovative and minimal invasive surgical procedure using stem cells derived from adipose tissue (ADSCs) that allows you to increase the penis volume with totally natural results. The treatment for penis enlargement and reshaping uses the fat of the patient enriched with his own stem cells , and this allows to reduce the absorption rate and to increase the erectile function.

With over 25 years experience in penoplasty

Dr. Roberto Viel
Celebrity Italian Plastic Surgeon

will guide you to achieve the best results


  • No foreign material in your body
  • Double aesthetic advantage: on the one hand, it allows the reduction of fat volume in areas where it is not desired (such as the hips or abdomen); on the other hand, it increases the penis volume. It can also be used to correct asymmetries or damage caused by trauma or previous plastic surgery.
  • No insertion of permanent prostheses
  • No need for general anesthesia – with the consequent medical and intra operative risks – but sedation and local anesthesia.
  • Improvement of the tissue quality
  • Long lasting results compared to fillers


Penis Enlargement is recommended for all men who wish to achieve an increase in the volume of their penis but do not intend to undergo invasive surgery and general anesthesia.

Furthermore, the treatment with stem cells obtained from their own adipose tissue, is also suitable for those who wish to correct other small imperfections that may be present.


With this procedure it is possible:

  • to give volume and shape to your penis
  • to obtain natural results both to the sight and to the touch: the tissues will have the same softness as natural ones, making them far more attractive than tissue shaped with artificial prostheses, since stem cells integrate naturally into the existing tissue
  • to return home without the need for hospitalization and immediate return to daily activities. Depending on the type of treatment performed, abstinence from sexual intercourse for 3 to 7 days is recommended.
  • to have the option of further increasing the volume obtained by repeating the treatment after a period of time

Note: The effectiveness of the treatment is subject to genetics, skin condition, age, and lifestyle factors. For these reasons it will vary among individuals.

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