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About the test

The HeliDx Liquid Biopsy test offers a complete solution to detect multiple targets in tumor-derived DNA isolated from the plasma fraction of whole blood.

Small DNA fragments (the so-called “cell-free DNA”, or cfDNA) are naturally found in the blood. In healthy people, cfDNA in the blood is scarce, whereas it increase in the presence of diseases.

In particular, ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) is released in the blood following cancer cell death.


Liquid biopsies are becoming popular because of their non-invasive nature and quick result turnaround. However, they are still not recommended for early stages of cancer.

The HeliDx Liquid Biopsy assay is designed for those who are likely to have a cancer-driver inherited mutation or would like to assess a solid tumor scare before going in for an invasive biopsy.

What the test evaluates

From a single tube of blood, the HeliDx Liquid Biopsy assay analyses 52 genes that covers all the actionable markers supported by pharma companies and clinical guidelines (FDA, EMA, Guidelines from NCCN and ESMO) for hotspots, CNV (Copy Number Variations) and gene fusions.

These genes have been identified as frequently mutated in multiple cancer types, including: bladder, brain and CNS (Central Nervous System), breast, cervical, colorectal, endometrial, esophageal, gastric, head and neck, kidney, liver, lung, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, sarcoma, and thyroid.

List of genes investigated

Advantages of the technology

Liquid biopsies offer several advantages over conventional solid tumor biopsies

  • Liquid biopsy samples are less invasive enabling them to be taken at multiple time points to monitor progression of the cancer
  • Lower cost compared to traditional tissue biopsies
  • Earlier diagnosis of asymptomatic and clinically undetectable cancer
  • Faster turnaround time from sample to results
  • Better represent tumor heterogeneity
  • Drug and therapeutic target discovery
  • Discover rare mutations and detect low frequency mutations

How the test is performed

The HeliDx Liquid Biopsy assay requires a blood sample. The steps of the procedure are:

  • DNA isolation
  • library preparation for sequencing
  • analysis via Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • post-sequencing analysis
  • report generation

Request the test

To request the HeliDx Liquid Biopsy, or for more information about the test, please feel free to call us at +971 (0)4 375 722 or fill in this form.

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