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Treatments in Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells

The Bioscience Institute offers innovative solutions for Regenerative Medicine based on the use of autologous stem cells, i.e. taken from the same patient who will undergo the treatment.

Owing to stem cells, it is possible to restore the proper functioning of organs and tissues damaged by trauma, diseases or by the passing of time. 

The cell factory of the Bioscience Institute makes it possible to obtain the quantity of cells necessary for the treatments with a single, simple and painless sampling procedure, while operating in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles. The expansion of the cells enables cryopreservation for possible future treatments in Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative Orthopedics

By exploiting the regenerative components of fat, it is possible to fight the mild to moderate degeneration of bone and cartilage associated with trauma or aging.

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Early Menopause Care

A treatment based on adipose tissue stem cells to restore the functioning of the ovary, promote the production of oocytes, and improve the thickness of the endometrium and blood flow to the uterus.

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Erectile Dysfunction Cure

The use of stem cells from adipose tissue allows you to return to satisfying sexual intercourse without having to resort to traditional drugs to be taken orally.

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Anti-Aging IV Therapy

An innovative approach based on intravenous (IV) transfusion of stem cells extracted from the adipose tissue of the person undergoing treatment.

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Xerostomia Treatment

A prospective curative treatment with stem cells extracted from the adipose tissue for salivary gland (SG) hypofunction and xerostomia.

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Empty nose syndrome (ENS)

Our approach to treating ENS involves the use of autologous tissue engineering, which involves using the patient’s own cells to regenerate the damaged tissues in the nasal passages.

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Body Perfomance

Stem cell therapy may also have broader benefits for sport performance, such as improving muscle strength and endurance, and reducing recovery time after exercise or competition.

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Supportive Care

Stem cell therapy can be used as supportive care for certain medical conditions. Supportive care refers to treatments or interventions that are used to manage the symptoms of a disease or the side effects of other treatments..

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