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Food supplements for preventive cancer therapy

The increase in life expectancy confronts us with the challenge of healthy aging. Alongside the opportunity of early identification of the conditions that predispose to the onset of diseases, the Bioscience Institute laboratories offer tools for active prevention through a line of food supplements specially developed to fight these conditions: increased inflammation, genetic instability and impairment of immune defenses and the balance of intestinal bacterial flora.

MicroDrive, ImmuneDrive, HelixDrive and CytoDrive are the supplements of the Bioscience Institute designed for this purpose. It is never too early to start actively dealing with prevention: discover their properties by visiting the dedicated pages.



IMMUNEDRIVE is a food supplement designed to support the immune system and fight inflammation through a blend of vitamin D, vitamin C, enzymes and natural extracts with anti-inflammatory properties and able to promote the body’s natural defenses.



HELIXDRIVE is a food supplement that aims to protect DNA and other cellular structures from oxidative stress damage through the antioxidant properties of its constituents.



MICRODRIVE is a food supplement that aims to promote the balance of intestinal flora through a blend of probiotics allies of intestinal well-being, enzymes that promote digestive processes and natural extracts with digestive and antioxidant properties.



CYTODRIVE is a food supplement that aims to fight inflammation by providing proteolytic enzymes and natural extracts with anti-inflammatory properties and promoting the proper functioning of the immune system thanks to the presence of vitamin C.