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Solid tumor prevention program

HELIXAFE is a prevention program aimed at evaluating the prodromal, asymptomatic phase of solid tumors (excluding those of the brain). With the annual repetition of the HELIXAFE test, the monitoring of somatic mutations is carried out. In this way it is possible to keep genomic stability under control which, when it is lacking, can lead to the onset of cancer.

The scientific validation of the HELIXAFE Prevention Program

The clinical usefulness of the HELIXAFE test was recently demonstrated by a study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Cell Death & Disease” by an international group of experts, coordinated by researchers from Bioscience Genomics, a university spin-off between the Roma “Tor Vergata” University and the Bioscience Institute.

This research was based on a Bioscience-patented algorithm that uses DNA sequencing to detect genetic alterations that precede tumor development (prodromal) and therefore in healthy, asymptomatic individuals who have not yet developed any tumor.

Press review on HELIXAFE

Types of HELIXAFE tests

HELIXAFE tests can detect genomic instability in healthy and asymptomatic people, the main indicator of the prodromal (preceding development) phase of solid tumors. Genomic instability is assessed by monitoring the frequency of somatic mutations. Each HELIXAFE test is specific in order to examine and monitor a specific group of genes and their possible mutations.

An innovative prevention model

The assessment of the risk of solid tumors, in the past, has been based on the study of family history and hereditary mutations.

With the HELIXAFE program it is possible to evaluate objective parameters, such as somatic or acquired mutations, which can be analyzed using the most modern techniques of liquid biopsy and sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing). As a result of NGS, it is possible to monitor the mutation frequencies in the patient and then analyze the genomic instability through the algorithm patented by Bioscience.

How the test is performed

The Bioscience Institute offers pre-test advice and provides all the information useful for carrying out the test (informed consent).

The test involves a simple blood sample that can be performed at one of our reference centers or through your doctor. The sample is shipped to the Bioscience Institute laboratories. Here, through an advanced technological process that uses NGS techniques, the gene sequences are obtained which, owing to an advanced bioinformatic analysis, allow the detection of any mutations in the genes under examination.

Request information about HELIXAFE

For more information on the HELIXAFE primary prevention program for solid tumors, email at or fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our experts.

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