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What is LIPOSKILL Plus?

Reshaping of the buttocks for a natural and youthful look

LIPOSKILL PLUS is the innovative technology based on the use of adipose tissue stem cells (ADSCs, Adipose Derived Stem Cells) which makes it possible to carry out body reshaping treatments without using the classic artificial prostheses.

With LIPOSKILL PLUS it is possible to reshape the buttocks. The cells used are of autologous origin, that is, they are taken from the same patient who will undergo the treatment. This approach minimizes the risks associated with the procedure (such as for example, that of contracting infections).

All that is needed is a sample of fat from which to obtain the stem cells necessary for increasing the volume of the buttocks and their reshaping. The sampling is simple and painless and allows to eliminate the adipose tissue accumulated by the patient in its “critical points”. The results that can be obtained with this approach appear completely natural both to the eye and to the touch.


No foreign material in your body

No insertion of permanent prostheses with the consequent risk of complications

No surgery under general anesthesia with the consequent medical and intraoperative risks. Only the use of sedation and local anesthesia is expected

Double aesthetic result:

  • reduction in the volume of fat in areas where it is not desired (critical points, such as hips or abdomen)
  • increase in the volume of the buttocks and their reshaping, with correction of any damage caused by previous plastic surgery or trauma

Improvement of the tissue quality

Long-lasting results


The reshaping with LIPOSKILL PLUS technology is recommended for all those who wish to obtain an increase in the volume of the soft tissues of the buttocks.

In particular, the use of adipose tissue stem cells is recommended for those who do not wish to undergo invasive surgery under general anesthesia, as is required for the implantation of artificial prostheses.


The reshaping with LIPOSKILL PLUS technology makes it possible to give volume and shape to the buttocks with natural results both to the sight and to the touch.

The tissues maintain the same softness as natural ones, making them far more attractive than buttocks shaped with artificial prostheses.

Note: Results are subject to individual characteristics such as genetics, tissue condition, age, and lifestyle. For this reason, they vary among individuals.

What to expect?

  • Natural result to the eye and to the touch: the cells integrate naturally into the existing tissue
  • Return home without the need for hospitalization
  • Option of further increasing the volume obtained by repeating the treatment after some time


LIPOSKILL PLUS technology is based on the implantation of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from your own adipose tissue. The procedure is simple and painless:

Collection and Sampling
20 cc of fat is collected during a simple (quick and painless) outpatient treatment.

Extraction and Expansion
The Bioscience Institute laboratories perform the extraction of stem cells from the fat removed. The extracted cells are expanded in about 2 weeks.

Expanded cells are added to fat obtained by liposuction from the patient’s “critical points”. The stem cell-enriched fat is then injected into the area where the treatment is to be performed.

Freezing and Preservation
Any remaining cells can be frozen and cryopreserved for 3 years at the request of the customer. Cryopreservation guarantees the availability of cells for future body reshaping or treatments in Regenerative Medicine.


Request a consultation now for the natural and surgery-free augmentation of your buttocks with the LIPOSKILL PLUS technique. Email or fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our experts.

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