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An innovative technique against premature menopause that uses stem cells from your adipose tissue.

OVOSKILL is a treatment for premature menopause based on the use of autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), i.e. obtained from the fat of the person who will undergo the treatment. It is indicated in case of infertility and interruption of the menstrual cycle.

OVOSKILL restores the ovary functioning and promotes the immature oocytes production. The ability of mesenchymal stem cells to improve both ovary size and endometrial thickness and blood flow in the uterus wall is scientifically proven.


OVOSKILL is an effective, safe, and painless treatment.

  • The efficacy of ADSCs in the treatment of premature menopause is now proven.
  • The ability of injected ADSCs to trigger an immune response is inherently limited. The use of autologous cells eliminates any possible concern: in the case of autologous stem cell transplants, the therapeutic index (the ratio between the maximum tolerable dose and the effective dose) is 25%, while in the case of allogeneic transplants it is 7%.
  • The treatment requires the removal of only 20 cc of fat during a quick and painless outpatient treatment.
  • The ADSCs that are not used can be frozen and cryopreserved for at least 2 years, ready to be used in new treatments based on the use of adipose tissue stem cells.


OVOSKILL treatment is recommended in case of:

  • Infertility
  • Amenorrhea
  • Osteoporosis:
    The reduction in estrogen levels typical of early menopause puts bone health at risk
  • Depression or anxiety
    They are related to the risk of infertility and a reduction in the level of estrogen
  • Heart disease
    Early loss of estrogen can also affect the risk of cardiovascular events


Stem cell treatment promotes the resumption of the menstrual cycle and allows conception.

The effectiveness of the approach is scientifically proven: a recent publication reported the case of a woman who, following treatment with stem cells, gave birth to a healthy child.

  • menstruation reappears 3 months after the stem cell injection.
  • The treatment restores both the ovarian reserve and the function of the endometrium.
  • In 60% of women with idiopathic premature menopause (with no apparent cause) ovulation can resume after stem cell treatment.
  • In 90% of women with idiopathic premature menopause, anti-Müllerian hormone levels (AMH, an indicator of fertility) increase within 1 month of treatment.

Note: the quality of the organic product, and therefore its therapeutic efficacy, is closely related to the lifestyle and physical condition of the patient (obesity, smoking, alcohol, and drugs will have a negative effect).

What to expect?

  • Reduction in follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels
  • Increased levels of estradiol (E2)
  • Improvement of the weight of the ovary
  • Restoration of ovarian function
  • Stimulation of follicle formation
  • Resumption of menstruation
  • Stable and safe results

Note: There is no ideal frequency to perform this procedure; it all depends on the severity of the condition and the patient’s physical response. Usually, a single treatment may be sufficient, even if it is possible to carry out several treatments over time.


The OVOSKILL regenerative technique is based on the implantation of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from your own adipose tissue. The procedure is simple and painless.

20 cc of fat is collected during a simple outpatient treatment (quick and painless).

Extraction and Expansion
The Bioscience Institute laboratories perform the extraction of stem cells from the fat removed. The extracted cells are expanded in 2-3 weeks. At the end of the expansion, hundreds of millions of autologous stem cells will be available that can be used in part for the immediate treatment of premature menopause and in part stored for future treatments (even other than those for infertility).

OVOSKILL Treatment
The expanded cells are injected directly into the ovary, where they release specific growth factors and anti-inflammatory molecules, promote the maturing of ovarian follicles and the production of cells that regulate the functioning of the ovary and blood vessels, reduce cell death and exert anti-fibrotic effects.

Freezing and Preservation
The remaining cells can be frozen and cryopreserved for 3 years at the request of the customer. Cryopreservation guarantees use for new and future Regenerative Medical treatments.


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