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The LIPOSKILL PLUS technology allows the reshaping of the face without the use of any artificial component or the use of classic surgical lifting. Its basis is the use of adipose tissue stem cells (ADSCs, Adipose Derived Stem Cells), which are taken from the fat deposits of the patient who will undergo the treatment.
Owing to the injection of millions of new cells, LIPOSKILL PLUS fills the volumes, reduces the depth of wrinkles of different thicknesses (both fine and deep) and improves the skin texture and the blood flow in the treated area, promoting its regeneration. The completely natural results last over time.

With its dual action (increasing volumes and regenerating the skin), LIPOSKILL PLUS restores a young profile and gives shape to the face.


No invasive treatment

the procedure does not require general anesthesia or the incisions necessary to practice the classic facelifts.

No foreign material on your body:

unlike synthetic fillers, LIPOSKILL PLUS only involves the use of material coming from the organism of the patient being treated. This aspect greatly reduces the risks associated with the procedure.

Improvement of the tissue quality:

thanks to the regenerative properties of ADSCs, LIPOSKILL PLUS not only reduces wrinkles, spots, and scars, but also improves the skin texture and gives a new shape to the face.

Long lasting results

The benefits of LIPOSKILL PLUS last for several years, as much as the life of the injected stem cells, which continue to exert their beneficial effects long after the treatment.


Face reshaping with LIPOSKILL PLUS is suitable for all those who wish to give their profile a more youthful appearance and eliminate scars (such as those left by acne, trauma or accidents) and signs of aging (such as wrinkles and unsightly age spots).

From the age of 30, it is particularly effective in case of moderate facial aging. It is the ideal approach for those who want to avoid the use of a scalpel, even in cases where they have already undergone a surgical facelift in the past.


The injection of fat and stem cells makes it possible to reshape your face by adding volume where necessary. At the same time, the collagen and elastin produced by the natural activity of the stem cells of adipose tissue reduce fine and deep wrinkles and improve skin tissues.

The first results can become visible after 8-10 days and will increase in the following weeks, when the quality of the epidermis will also be significantly improved. The skin will appear smoother, healthier, and brighter.

Note: the effectiveness of the treatment is subject to the effects of genetics and depends on the skin condition, individual biological age, and lifestyle. For these reasons the results vary from person to person.

What to expect?

  • Disappearance of fine and deep wrinkles
  • Alleviation of spots and scars
  • Brighter and firmer skin
  • Stable results without the need for further treatments
  • Natural effect


LIPOSKILL PLUS technology is based on the implantation of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from your own adipose tissue. The procedure is simple and painless:

20 cc of fat is collected during a simple (quick and painless) outpatient treatment.

Extraction and Expansion
The Bioscience Institute laboratories perform the extraction of stem cells from the fat removed.
The extracted cells are expanded in about 2 weeks. The laboratory produces about ten test tubes of cells, some of which will be used for the required treatment (or for several different treatments).

The expanded cells are added to the fat taken from the patient’s “critical points”, which is then injected into the points of the face to be reshaped. Here, by releasing specific growth factors, ADSCs promote tissue regeneration.

Freezing and Preservation
Any remaining cells are frozen and cryopreserved for 3 years. Cryopreservation guarantees the possibility of using your own stem cells in future body reshaping or treatments in Regenerative Medicine.


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