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Your own stem cells as a source of regenerative factors of your own tissues

LIPOSKILL PLUS is an innovative treatment that allows the reduction of scars and stretch marks owing to the regenerative potential of adipose tissue stem cells (ADSCs, Adipose Derived Stem Cells).

In both cases, the injection of autologous ADSCs (obtained from the fat of the person undergoing the treatment) restores the physiological conditions (of normality) of the skin because it repairs the damaged skin through the reconstruction of the extracellular matrix.
In addition to repairing the compromised skin, the injected stem cells remove the fibrotic tissue that highlights the scar making it unpleasant both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.


The LIPOSKILL PLUS treatment helps to regenerate the skin by promoting the progressive disappearance of damaged tissues, which are replaced by fresh and smooth skin.

  • The result is totally natural: the skin appears healthier, smoother, and glowing.
  • The treatment takes place under sedation and local anesthesia conditions. For this reason, the possible complications associated with classic surgical interventions are excluded.


The LIPOSKILL PLUS treatment is recommended for all those who want to reduce aesthetic skin imperfections due to the presence of scars or stretch marks.

Stretch marks can form because of the sudden extension of the skin which, when excessively stretched, thins, leaving a visible mark.

On the other hand, scars can have different origins: acne, surgery, a car accident, diseases such as chickenpox and countless other harmful events that leave aesthetic damage on the skin.

Stem cell scar treatment is feasible:

  • when the scar is retracted, or tissue loss is present
  • in cases of non-surgically correctable diastasis
  • in cases where the appearance of the scar, now mature, cannot be further improved with conservative therapies


Take advantage of the regenerative properties of your stem cells for a single treatment with results that last for years.

The gradual increase of collagen and elastin, natural products of the injected cells, makes it possible to obtain visible results already in the first weeks after the treatment.

  • The fibrotic tissue present in the scars is progressively replaced by fresh and smooth skin.
  • Stretch marks are reduced and the skin returns to having a more defined appearance.

Note: the effectiveness of the treatment is subject to genetics, skin condition, age, and lifestyle. For these reasons it will vary with individuals.

What to expect?

  • Complete healing without scar formation
  • Gradual reduction of wound scars.
  • Reduction of stretch marks replaced by a more defined and fresh-looking skin.


The LIPOSKILL PLUS regenerative technique is based on the implantation of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from your own adipose tissue. The procedure is simple and painless:

Collection and Sampling
20 cc of fat is collected during a simple (quick and painless) outpatient treatment.

Extraction and Expansion
The Bioscience Institute laboratories perform the extraction of stem cells from the fat removed. The extracted cells are expanded in about two weeks. The laboratory produces about ten test tubes of cells, some of which will be used for the required treatment (or for several different treatments).

The expanded cells are injected into the tissue being treated. If necessary, autologous fat obtained from the patient by liposuction is also injected together with the cells.
The injected cells release specific growth factors and promote tissue regeneration.

Freezing and Preservation
The remaining test tubes are frozen and cryopreserved for 3 years. Cryopreservation ensures the availability of expanded ADSCs for future treatments.


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