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Cancer Molecular Diagnosis

Testing for the presence of cancer requires the outmost personal care and consideration. In the process of cancer diagnosis, molecular characterization by somatic mutation testing is enormously beneficial for improving the prognosis and the quality of life of cancer-affected patients.

Genetic information has the power to transform clinical decisions, guide therapy selection, and allow disease risk profiling.

Our HeliDx tests

Bioscience Institute is dedicated to utilizing genomics in order to advance precision medicine for cancer. Using Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based assays, we offer a variety of options, including targeted panels that analyze genes directly linked to specific cancers through scientific research.

Our HeliDx genetic tests are performed at our accredited, high quality labs, that regularly take part in external quality assurance schemes. The cancer panels used are designed to identify all four classes of actionable genomic alterations, including base substitutions, insertions and deletions, copy number alterations and selected fusions. Both tissue samples and liquid biopsy samples are supported.

HeliDx Colon

Multigene panel testing for colon cancer offers a more personalized approach and important opportunities for cancer prevention and interventions.

HeliDx Lung

Lung cancer is caused by more than one genetic mutation. Testing for these different mutations can affect treatment decisions and outcomes.

HeliDx Breast

Beside the two main genes that confer susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer ( BRCA 1 and 2), the 15-gene panel used includes HR pathway genes that help test for mutations associated with ovarian, breast, and prostate cancer research.

HeliDx Liquid Biopsy

DNA from cancer cells break down and shed into the bloodstream. From a simple blood draw, liquid biopsy testing can be performed to detect specific genetic variations that may be causing the cancer to grow