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Stem cell preservation

At the cell factory of the Bioscience Institute, it is possible to carry out the storage and preservation of different types of cells at a competitive stem cell storage price to be used for specific clinical procedures: mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue can be stored in our Labaratory for two years after adipose tissue harvested. and it is possible to renew the storage contract every two years and patient will be able to use it for any kind of treatments. Our banking services are licensed and accredited to the highest level to GMP standards.

Stem cell storage and preservation is a biological insurance for your health and that of loved ones

Operating in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles, the Bioscience Institute makes it possible to use cryopreserved cells in the best Hospitals in the world. The procedures, technologies and structures of its laboratories guarantee a stem cell storage Dubai standard of excellence certified by supranational bodies.

Stem cell storage and preservation from cord blood (umbilical cord blood)

Cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells in the youngest and most potent form that can be used to renew or replace cells that are affected or damaged by blood disorders. They can be withdrawn at the time of your child’s birth. We offer this service in Italy.

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Storage of the cord tissue stem cells

The umbilical cord tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells. It can be collected at the time of delivery with a simple, risk-free procedure for mother and newborn. With mesenchymal stem cells it is possible to treat tissues and organs damaged by premature aging, disease, and trauma.

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StepOne ® Neonatal Screening

The expanded metabolic screening enables the early detection of rare genetic diseases, before they can cause serious harm to the baby. These rare, mainly metabolic, genetic disorders occur in the first days after birth, but are not easily diagnosed.

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Storage and preservation of stem cells from adipose tissue

Adipose tissue is the main source of mesenchymal stem cells because it contains a high concentration of them. It is therefore possible to obtain significant quantities without any risk or inconvenience.

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