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Covid-19, mesenchymal stem cells reduce the risk of death and quicken recovery

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Stem cell treatment reduces the risk of death of Covid-19 patients, quickening their recovery at the same time. In particular, the efficacy and the safety of mesenchymal stem cell infusions…

Covid-19 and cancer, liquid biopsy makes delayed diagnosis avoidable

| Cancer prevention | No Comments
The management of the pandemic overshadowed cancer prevention, fostering delayed diagnosis which will translate in significant survival reduction. Liquid biopsy is not subject to the delay that is compromising traditional…

Record baby was born from a 28-year-old embryo

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Her name is Molly and the embryo from which she was born was cryopreserved 28 years ago. This is the story of the record baby demonstrating the feasibility of cryopreserve…




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