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Bioscience Genomics involved in a genetic study on COVID-19

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Bioscience Genomics, the university spin off between Roma “Tor Vergata” University and Bioscience Institute, is among the 29 promoters and participants of the GEFACOVID (Analysis of GEnetic FActors influencing infection…

Microbiome analysis, a new tool against age-related diseases

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Microbiome composition is a good indicator of age. The confirmation comes from a study published on mSystems, the American Society for Microbiology's open access journal, by a team of researchers…

Covid-19, mesenchymal stem cells effective against Sars-CoV-2

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Eight patients were successfully treated in China. Among them, 2 were critically ill. The first that defeated Covid-19 with mesenchymal stem cells is a 65-year-old woman. Other 7 patients were…




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