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Skin aging: stem cells to look younger

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Loss of elasticity, laxity, wrinkling, and rough-textured appearance are all features of skin aging. How to counteract it? Stem cells can help restore skin quality by providing collagen and elastin…

Breast augmentation: the plus of adipose-derived stem cells-based lipofilling

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Lipofilling (the injection of fat) is a promising technique for breast augmentation, but fat resorption can severely limit its results. Fortunately, an innovative approach based on adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs)…

USA, umbilical cord blood stem cells used to treat cerebral palsy

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A 4-year-old italian girl received the infusion of her baby sister's umbilical cord blood stem cells, cryopreserved at Bioscience Institute cell factory, to treat cerebral palsy. Tea and cerebral palsy…




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