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Bioscience Institute at the Italian Ministry of Health together with institutions, clinicians, and scientific societies for a new Digital Health

| Latest News | No Comments
With Digital Health, the future is now. This is the message from the institutional meeting “Digital Health: new landscapes for General and Specialist Medicine”. The event highlighted the advantages of…

New cryopreservation record: biological material can be frozen for up to 30 years

| Stem Cells | No Comments
A new record in the number of years an embryo was cryopreserved before developing in a born baby pushes forward the known temporal limit for biological material cryopreservation. On October…

Cancer microbiome: scientists discover a new genotoxic bacteria linked to genome instability

| Cancer prevention | No Comments
In a study published in the prestigious scientific journal Science, a team of researchers from Yale University (New Haven, USA) discovered that the gut bacteria Morganella morganii can produce a…



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