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Stem cells defeating withering dryness: GynSkill for female rejuvenation

| Stem Cell | No Comments
Woman aging is associated with hormonal changes affecting her intimate sphere. Among their consequence is withering dryness, a chronic and progressive condition affecting up to 93% of postmenopausal women that…

Toward a healthy immune system: the role of the microbiome

| Prevention | No Comments
Immune system health depends on gut microbes. That is why microbiome analysis can help improve immune defenses. Let's discover the relationship between gut flora and immune system functioning and how…

Treating osteoarthritis with stem cells: the power of ADSCs

| Stem Cell | No Comments
Osteoarthritis affects millions of people worldwide. Stem cells opened a new perspective in the treatment of this pathology, and today intra articular injection of ADSCs (Adipose-Derived Stem cells) is the…




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