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is an innovative treatment for mild to medium bone and cartilage degeneration. It uses the stem cells collected from a patient’s own fat to treat the painful orthopedic ailments of knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and other joints.

This treatment uses the regenerative components of your body’s fat cells to repair the degenerative conditions of bone and cartilage that may arise due to ageing or trauma.


The procedure is very simple, and requires the collection of a small amount of fat during an outpatient procedure. Twelve days after fat collection, ORTHOSKILL will be ready, and it will perform the treatment with a simple injection in the joint.


ORTHOSKILL is a unique product that, when injected straight into the joint, regenerates the cells responsible for repairing the cartilage.


You can feel the results within days, although several weeks are necessary to begin to see significant effects on your health or to feel your symptoms lessen.

Note: the quality of the biological product, and therefore its therapeutic efficacy, is strictly correlated to the lifestyle and the physical condition of the patient (obesity, smoking, alcohol and drugs will have a negative effect).

What to expect ?

  • Repair damage to cartilage and bones resulting from trauma or aging.
  • Rapid disappearance of the pain caused by aching joints.
  • Faster healing and pain free movement.
  • Increased vitality 2-3 weeks after the treatment (6 to 8 weeks for a more complicated intervention).