through Adipose derived Stem Cells, it is able to reduce the deep acne scars and stretch marks: they occur when the skin is overstretched. This sudden extension causes a mark in the bottom layer of the skin that becomes noticeable. Scarring has many causes from accidents to acne, surgery, illnesses such as chicken pox, and countless other reasons.

Why Liposkill Plus

LIposkill plus is an advanced treatment that allow the reduction of scars and stretch marks using Adipose Derived Stem Cells. In both cases, the injection of ADSC restores the physiologic condition of normal skin repairing the damages through the extracellular matrix rebuilt. In addition, the ADSC remove the fibrotic tissue that reveal the scar making it unpleasant in function and aesthetic.

What to expect ?

The treatment helps your skin heal properly without any scarring.
Gradual Decrease of wound scars.
Stretch marks can be reduced to give the skin a clear and fresh appearance.


ADSC help to rebuild new skin, allowing skin lesions to progressively fade and be replaced by fresh, smooth skin.
The result is skin that looks healthy, smooth and translucent.


When healthy skin gets wounded, the proteins and growth factors in the skin stimulate the body to regenerate new skin.
This is the normal wound healing process.
However with certain diseases (like diabetes and circulatory problems), the skin is missing these biological substances, and the healing cycle is broken.
This leads to the development of non-healing ulcers and wounds. (Chen et al., 2008; Walter et al., 2010)


The cell therapies based on skin cells to date have not yielded important results due to the lack of extracellular matrix in the wound bed that prevented the engraftment of new implanted cells.
The Adipose Derived Cells have their ability to:
• reconstitute the extracellular matrix that represents the scaffolding on which to organize the cells from the wound edges to rebuild tissues and play
• active role by delivering to the wound living cells, proteins produced by the cells and collagen, which are important for healing.


In studies, Adipose Derived Cells has been proven to heal chronic wounds significantly faster than standard wound care such as moist dressing, compression therapy, debridement, off-loading and compression therapy.
Clinical studies have also shown that Adipose Derived Cells can help close many severe wounds that have been resistant to standard therapy. LIPOSKILL is safe, hi-end and well tolerated. (Dash et al., 2009).


LIPOSKILL is an advanced treatment for wound healing that uses autologous ADC. It is an innovative approach for healing ulcers such as diabetic foot and venous leg ulcers that are not responding despite treatment with conventional therapies. Briefly described characteristics of the ADC explain why this type of cells are one of the most promising types in advanced therapies currently being applied in wound healing.
This is due to their potentials and also because they are very accessible within the body. ADC can be isolated through mini liposuction technique from fat tissue and then processed in a series of isolation and purification steps in the laboratory.