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Body shaping for a natural appearance and feel

can now be used for natural body shaping treatments instead of using artificial implants.

Many patients prefer the idea of using their own Adipose Derived Cells instead of introducing foreign materials into the body. Using one’s own cells lowers the chances of infection or other complications.

The procedure works by collecting a small amount of fat, extracting and expanding Adipose Derived Stem Cells, and finally using them for volume restoration and body shaping.


There is a dual aesthetic advantage as the patient can reduce fat volume in a specific area (e.g. abdomen and thigh) and, at the same time, augment the volume in a different area of the body such as the breasts or buttocks.
Also it can be used to correct asymmetries or damages caused by previous plastic surgeries and trauma.


The soft tissue augmentation with Liposkill Plus feels completely natural, no different from your body. The tissue will have the same kind of softness as its natural counterpart, making it far more appealing than an artificial implant. In the case of breast augmentation treatment will typically produce an increase of one or two cup sizes.

What to expect ?

  • Natural result (in appearance and feel) thanks to the use of your own body tissues
  • No surgery is needed for the injection, nor any prosthesis inside your body
  • All forms of diagnostic exams can be performed without any limits
  • It is possible to undergo additional treatments to further augment cup size