for female rejuvenation is an innovative procedure for tissue regeneration and to minimize the effects of dryness.
The elasticity of the tissues is related to the collagen and elastin production by the cells of the same tissues. This treatment is recommended for general ageing, pre and post menopause, withering dryness, and the problems of flaccidity.

How does it work ?

Liposkill has a dual action thanks to cells and growth factors that cells produced.
The produced growth factors from injected cells, also, incite to the rejuvenation of the existed tissues, reducing the withering dryness and flaccidity. Significant results will appear 10-15 days after the treatment.

Why Liposkill ?

Liposkill is a source of regenerative factors which boosts the development of soft tissues in our system improving our body’s response to biological damages.

Liposkill enhances the repairing processes, the vascularization of the mucosa and the synthesis of the collagen.

Liposkill is the best treatment for reducing physiological aging and improves tissue regeneration and elasticity.