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Reshaping treatments with stem cells

Using fat to shape the body gives very poor results as the volume is lost very quickly, leaving oily cysts inside the tissues. The only way to overcome these limitations is to add large amounts of mesenchymal stem cells to the fat used for the volume increase.

The mesenchymal stem cells of the adipose tissue produce molecules capable of giving stability to the volumes and regenerating the tissues while avoiding the formation of cysts

At the cell factory of the Bioscience Institute, it is possible to obtain the quantities of cells necessary for body shaping treatments in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality principles.

Face reshaping

The use of adipose tissue stem cells allows for a completely natural lifting without having to resort to a scalpel, restoring a youthful appearance to the face with long-lasting results.

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Breast augmentation

Eliminating fat deposits in the “critical points” and using them to increase the volume of the breast is possible with adipose tissue stem cells, which guarantee a lasting increase and a totally natural result.

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Buttock Enhancement

The ADSCs represent a valid alternative for those who want to shape their buttocks without resorting to the insertion of artificial prostheses. With a double benefit: eliminating the unwanted fat deposits.

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Penis Enlargement

The administration of stem cells directly into the penis represents a valid solution to the complexes caused by the physical defect of an insufficiently large penis.

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