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Premio Leonardo Startup
Bioscence Genomics – Founder Giuseppe Mucci

Bioscience Genomics srl is an academic spin off, participated by Bioscience Institute spa of San Marino and the Tor Vergata University of Rome, born with the aim of sequencing the circulating fetal DNA, present in the blood of pregnant women, in order to evaluate the existence of any chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus. Subsequently, Bioscience Genomics developed and patented the algorithm which identifies the initial phase of the development of solid tumors which is characterized by the progressive accumulation of lesions suffered by the DNA which are not repaired by the organism (somatic mutations).

The accumulation of mutations, if progressive, is an indicator of the ineffectiveness of the organism in repairing the damage that the DNA undergoes on a daily basis and is representative of the prodromal phase (when the person is healthy and has no symptoms) of the development of solid tumors. The test takes place through a simple peripheral blood sample from which circulating free DNA is extracted and sequenced (fragments of DNA present in the blood) which is the only biological resource able to provide information on the damage acquired over time by the DNA. This test, and its algorithm, have been validated in a scientific study published in the journal Cell Death & Disease. Along with somatic mutations, Bioscience Genomics also analyzes the pathophysiological conditions that favor their progressive accumulation and which are:

This innovative cancer-fighting model has as its objective the identification and treatment of the DRIVERS conditions of the disease in order to delay or avoid its development. The data collected following the execution of the tests, being longitudinal and multi-target/biomarker, are analyzed using artificial intelligence for the development of predictive algorithms and new chemopreventive products. Already present in the Italian and UAE markets, Bioscience Genomics has planned an IPO in 2022 on the NASDAQ in New York in order to finance international commercial development.


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