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Just earlier this week, the Bioscience Institute signed a landmark agreement with Miami-based Global Stem Cells Group which will allow them to act as their representatives in Latin America. Through this agreement, the Global Stem Cells Group is committed to promoting the widespread use of cell therapy treatments using mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs) according to the know-how developed by the Bioscience Institute.

A revolutionary partnership

This partnership is revolutionary in nature and promises to lead to a wide proliferation of cell therapies in Latin America with an ever-advancing standard of medical care. “Global Stem Cells Group will spread the know-how – says Giuseppe Mucci, CEO of the Bioscience Institute – with the highest standards and quality procedures that already distinguish the stem cell therapies that are performed at the San Marino and Dubai offices. Thanks to this partnership – concludes Mucci – we make our treatments available to patients all over the world.”

I’m extremely excited about this partnership,” said Benito Novas, CEO of the Global Stem Cells Group, “Bioscience Cell Factory is one of the most professional and scientifically-focused teams that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with– I am looking forward to the start of what will be an extremely beneficial professional relationship that will provide our global reach with the quality of Bioscience’s laboratory,”

A new shared research model

The meeting also began to plan a shared research model aimed at investigating the potential of adult mesenchymal stem cells and the benefits they are able to offer in the medical field. It is precisely through the training of doctors and the manipulation of cell samples in their laboratories that the Bioscience Institute and Global Stem Cells Group have laid the first foundations to provide, in the immediate future, new hope for progress in the field of Regenerative Medicine research.

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