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Applications of stem cells from adipose tissue

Adipose tissue is the primary source of mesenchymal stem cells (adipose tissue stem cells, or ADSCs) for clinical and experimental use. The reason? Significant quantities can be taken without the risk of serious health consequences. Not only that, but the treatments can be carried out starting from a small sample of fat.

Stem cells taken from adipose tissue can be multiplied in the laboratory to obtain significant numbers of cells to be used in clinical applications, starting from only 10 ml of fat.

Stem cells in body shaping

Face reshaping

The use of adipose tissue stem cells allows for a complete natural lifting, without having to resort to a scalpel. This results in restoring a youthful appearance to the face with long-lasting results.

Breast augmentation

Eliminates fat deposits in the “critical points” and transforms them into new volume for the breast: this is made possible by the adipose tissue stem cells, which guarantees a lasting increase and a totally natural effect.

Buttocks enhancement

The ADSCs represent a valid alternative for those who want to shape their buttocks without resorting to the insertion of artificial prostheses, with a double benefit: eliminating the unwanted fat deposits.

Penis enlargement

Totally natural results for a treatment intended to significantly improve the quality of life of those who use it. Using the patient’s stem cells reduces the risk of getting infections or suffering from other complications.

Stem cells in aesthetics

Skin rejuvenation

Thanks to the production of collagen and elastin, the stem cells of the adipose tissue restore a younger appearance to the skin by improving its quality and increasing volumes where necessary.

Hair loss treatment

A natural method suitable for those who do not need reconstructive surgery of the hair bulb because they are still young or in the initial phase of hair loss.

Vaginal rejuvenation

An injection of vital cells that improves the body’s response to biological damage caused by aging, to achieve tissue regeneration and minimize the effects of vaginal dryness.

Reduction of scars and stretch marks

By rebuilding the extracellular matrix and removing the fibrotic tissue, adipose tissue stem cells promote the replacement of damaged tissue with fresh and smooth skin.

Stem cells in regeneration

Regenerative Orthopedics

By exploiting the regenerative components of ADSCs, it is possible to fight the mild to moderate degeneration of bone and cartilage associated with trauma or aging.

Early Menopause Care

A treatment based on adipose tissue stem cells to restore the functioning of the ovary, promote the production of oocytes, and improve the thickness of the endometrium and blood flow to the uterus.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure

The use of stem cells from adipose tissue allows you to return to satisfying sexual intercourse without having to rely on traditional drugs to be taken orally.

Anti-Aging Therapy (IV)

A stem cell injection to fight the consequences of aging that begin to show as early as middle age (such as wrinkles and joint problems) or that threaten health even though silent (such as chronic low-grade inflammation).

Xerostomia Treatment

A prospective curative treatment with stem cells extracted from the adipose tissue for salivary gland (SG) hypofunction and xerostomia.