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Bioscience Institute, Genomics and Clinic

Bioscience Institute develops and provides cellular biology services, based on the use of stem cells for personalized therapies, and molecular biology services dedicated to the analysis of circulating DNA of both the fetus and the adult for the evaluation of genetic anomalies and the risk of solid tumors.
The treatments with stem cells expanded from adipose tissue are carried out in the centers of San Marino and Dubai UAE, while the genomic tests are processed in the laboratories of Rome, Milan and San Marino.
The Regenerative Medicine services include the cryopreservation and expansion of stem cells for the treatment of degenerative processes due to physiological or premature aging and as a result of pathologies or traumas.

The genomics service is based on the analysis of the free DNA circulating in the blood for the detection of the pathophysiological conditions that anticipate the development of solid tumors.
Excellent quality standards are guaranteed at all Bioscience Group facilities.

● the Regenerative Medicine clinics, which also include a biobank and a cell factory, are dedicated to therapies based on stem cells expanded from adipose tissue; the biobank preserves stem cells from umbilical cord blood, from cord tissue and from adipose tissue.

● the Genomics Platform, which deals with the analysis of circulating free DNA, detects the conditions that trigger the development of the tumor, which are genetic instability, chronic inflammation, intestinal bacterial imbalance and the immune system imbalance.

Bioscience Clinic Middle East

In 2014, Bioscience Institute founded the first Regenerative Medicine Clinic in the Middle East, in Dubai, UAE - a world-class excellence. Bioscience Clinic Middle East offers the most advanced personalized treatments in the world, based on autologous stem cells. It offers a Biobank, a Cell Factory and the Clinic for Regenerative Medicine treatments. The Cell Factory processes the expansion and conservation of stem cells from adipose tissue and fibroblasts.

The Aesthetic and Anti-Aging services of Bioscience are unique in the world as they offer the most advanced autologous cell therapies. The Group of Bioscience facilities works only at the highest level of excellence and includes cell banks, clean rooms and clinics.

All procedures (biopsies, sample collections, cell extraction, cultured cell expansion and transplantation) are conducted at the laboratories and clinic based in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). The facilities are licensed and inspected by the UAE Ministry of Health and DHCC, who also inspected the Bioscience Institute laboratories in San Marino before issuing the specific licenses.

Bioscience Genomics

A university spin-off founded by Bioscience Institute together with the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". The facility is aimed at analyzing the genetic anomalies of the fetus from the tenth week of life through the evaluation of its DNA fragments circulating in the blood of the pregnant mother.
Later on, Bioscience Genomics developed and patented a protocol for the analysis of the risk of solid tumors, based on the sequencing of the circulating free DNA, in healthy individuals.