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It is simple, sure, early, reliable, and validated: UltraNIPT (Ultra Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) presents several advantages as a prenatal screening. Let’s discover how it works and its features.

UltraNIPT: what is and how it works

UltraNIPT is not a diagnostic test but a tool to evaluate the probability of chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus. Being non-invasive is the first among its advantages. It does not require amniotic liquid or chorionic villus sample, but only a maternal blood draw. That means that UltraNIPT is not associated with abortion or infection risk that is instead associated with amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling.

Maternal blood contains fetal DNA fragments that can be analyzed by Next Generation Sequencing – the newest DNA sequencing method – and proprietary algorithms. This allow to compare fetal DNA fragments with DNA fragments normally present in healthy individuals and to calculate chromosomal aberration risk in the fetus.

UltraNIPT: other advantages

Noninvasiveness is only one of UltraNIPT features. Other advantages are:

  • it can be performed as earl as 10 weeks into pregnancy;
  • results are ready in about 7 days;
  • it is based on the widest clinical study ever published (approximatively 147,000 pregnancy included);
  • it is based on a validated and CE certified bioinformatic analysis;
  • UltraNIPT provides a €50,000.00 insurance cover and diagnostic investigations and/or genetic counseling refund.

Moreover, UltraNIPT is very reliable. More than 3 million tests performed in over 52 countries prove that its sensitivity (that is, the capability to correctly detect the anomalies it looks for) exceeds 99% and that false-positive (that is, high risk situation that are not confirmed) are less than 0.05%. A new blood draw to repeat the test is needed only in 2.8% of cases, and circumstances in which it is not possible to obtain a result are less than 0.069% (whereas for other fetal DNA tests they correspond to the 5% of cases).

UltraNIPT: how to request it

If you want to request UltraNIPT you can contact our customer service at +971 (0)4 375 7220 or fill out the online form in order to be contacted by one of our biologists.


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