Dr. Roberto Viel

Medical Director


obtained his medical degree at the University of Milan in Italy and finished his studies in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in London, UK. He has been practicing as a Plastic Surgeon in London since 1990

Dr. Wissam Adada


Wissam Adada is a skilled Aesthetic Medicine and Hair transplant doctor with an International experience in Aesthetic Medicine Dermatologic procedure, laser, aesthetics and Hair restoration

Dr. Maurizio Viel


obtained his medical degree at the University of Milan in Italy and finished his studies in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in London, UK. He has been practicing as a Plastic Surgeon in London since 1990

Dr.Shahram G. Sajjadi


is a fellow of The European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) and a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (MRCS)

Dr. Hamdan Firas


obtained his medical degree at the American University of Beirut and completed his internship and residency in General Surgery at Washington Hospital Center, George Town University Center

Dr. Angelo Fusco


obtained his Medical Degree in Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Naples Federico II

Dr. Adolfo Panfili


He is President of AIMO, the International Association of Orthomolecular Medicine of which he is the founder

Dr. Francisco Manuel Falcão de Melo


Certified Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience demonstrated in both public and private practice. Areas of expertise include aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery for the head, neck and breast surgery: body contouring: hand surgery; oncoplastic surgery and chronic wound treatment. Recent experience has also encompassed the delivery of a wide range of CME accredited training courses in aesthetic medicine for medical professionals using the most advanced and up-to-date techniques.


  • Board certified Senior Plastic Surgeon since 1996.
  • Invited speaker at several international conferences and courses. Delivered training services including online audio-visual lectures and hands-on tutorials in a clinical setting Dubai, to introduce non-invasive aesthetic procedures to medical practitioners.,
  • Licensed to practice as Plastic Surgeon Specialist/Consultant issued by the Portuguese Medical Association (Ordem dos Medicos): Dubai Health Authority, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City and the General Medical Council (UK).

Dr. Amir Nasseri,M.D,ABOG,F.A.C.O.G


Dr. Amir Nasseri is an American board-certified consultant and fellow of American college of obstetrics & gynecology.
He graduated with Departmental Honors from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Biochemical Sciences and later received his Medical Degree from Rush Medical College in Chicago (1992), graduating via a Pilot Medical teaching program in associated with Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Nasseri completed his residency training in Obstetrics & Gynecology from the United States’ best program in Advanced Laparoscopy with the country’s largest Maternal-Fetal Medicine division at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Nasseri’s primary academic mentors were:

  • Professor Kenneth Hatch, Gyn-Oncologic Surgeon and Head of Gynecology-Oncology Laparoscopy units serving Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada.
  • Professor Jack Pearson, the “father of advanced pelvic floor reconstruction”.
  • Professor John Seeds, the “Master of Forceps Delivery and Breech Extraction”.
  • Professor Thomas Purdon, Ex-president of American College of OB-GYN and pioneerof Advanced Hysteroscopy.
    Dr. Nasseri served as Chief in his residency at the University of Arizona, studying:• Management of Complex adnexal masses
    • Advanced Laparoscopy uses in Gynecology
    • Reproductive Medicine implications of new low dose estrogen birth control pillsWhile serving the Pima Medical County, Dr. Nasseri managed underserved regions and clinics such as St. Elizabeth Clinic & Casa Grande as well as many other community and academic facilities in Arizona.He was elected as Junior Fellow President of District VIII of American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology as well as representing state of Arizona in Reproductive Medicine.

Following his residency training, Dr. Naseri was selected to join University of California, Los Angeles Fellowship in Infertility & Reproductive Medicine however, due to his extreme interest in advance laparoscopy, he was elected to join private practice in Nevada where he founded one of the busiest OB-GYN groups in Las Vegas. While at the VIP clinic, he dedicated full afternoons twice a week for ten years volunteering his services to management of complicated teenage pregnancies as a payback to community for which he obtained awards and recognition from Governor of Nevada, Kenny Guin for his humanitarian and dedicated community devotion.

Dr. Nasseri remained a teaching professor of Las Vegas’ University Medical School and a professor training hundreds of medical students at the University of Touro, Nevada (1999-2004). He has over ten thousand births and in excess of two thousand unique operations.

Dr. Nasseri has also worked as expert defense Medical Reviewer in addition to being Vice Chief of staff at several hospitals in Nevada and the American Medical Hospital Departmental Chief in the United Arab Emirates. He was pioneer of Laparoscopy at the American Hospital Dubai in 2005 and founder of newest trend in medical care in GCC at N9ne medical Institute.

Dr. Nasseri has published in Medical Journals and written book chapters, taught courses catered to improving minimally invasive operations and advanced pelvic floor reconstruction for American Board-Certified Gynecologists.

Unique style

Dr. Amir Nasseri’s Greatest achievement is understanding the art of integrating advanced research, newest available precision medical science and using them to truly help each person in a unique way. He has performed most complicated laparoscopic operations while maintaining lowest complication rates. His greatest skill is his unique art of communication and teamwork emphasis. Dr. Nasseri remains amazed with each baby delivered and their unique features, smiles and cuteness when they hug him and say “Hello, Dr. Nasseri”.

Dr. Amal AL Mulla


Dr. Al Mulla is a highly achieving well composed healthcare professional that attempted to pursue high level of professional skills with more than 20 years of Obstetrics and Gynecology experience. Subspecialized in IVF and reproductive medicine.

Dr. Amal is board certified, member of Royal college of Obstetricians & Gynecologist (UK) and the Royal college of Physician of Ireland.

Dr. Al Mulla is a strong advocate for supporting topics related to the women health through being an active participant in plenty of awareness program, in addition she aimed at fulfilling the highest quality service to the clients through training her junior colleagues who are in senior position now.

Dr. AL Mulla developed and implemented a structured awareness program in 10 high schools (government and private) aiming at educating teenagers about sensitive female issue. Actively participated in different campaigns; breast cancer campaign, polycystic ovaries awareness, endometriosis awareness, and breast-feeding awareness.

Being the Former Chairperson of Morbidity and mortality Committee, she enensured the highest possible standard of patient care according to the international guidelines.

Dr AL Mullan had published many articles in the field of OBGYN & Fertility.

Throughout this diverse professional and educational background, Dr Amal has been the recipient of numerous accomplishments, including :Rashid award for scientific achievement, You are our Pride, and lastly won the Community Service Red Crescent Award.

Dr Amal Is proud to be the mother of Nada Al Bedwawi, the Olymbic champion who was honored to carry UAE flag in Rio Olympics 2016.

Dr. Alfonso Maria Irollo


Il Dott. Alfonso Maria Irollo è un medico ginecologo esperto nel settore della Procreazione Medicalmente Assistita e ha concentrato i propri studi nei meccanismi d’ impianto embrionario. Da Aprile 2010 ad oggi e’ Responsabile del centro PMA Chianciano Salute spa, una delle strutture elencate dall’ Istituto Superiore della Sanita tra i primi centri in Italia per esecuzione di tecniche di PMA.

È fondatore di “Omnia Fertilitatis”, organizzazione dedita allo studio e alla terapia della fertilità di coppia.

È resposanbile dell’Unità di Medicina Rigenerativa presso la Clinica Chianciano Salute:  PRP- Ossigeno Ozono Terapia.

Componente del comitato ricerca SIOOT e Docente Master universitari.

Dal 1999 a tutt’oggi e’ Responsabile del Centro Privato Autorizzato alle Metodiche di Procreazione Assistita “AGOI” II Livello. Dal 2007 a tutt’oggi è Responsabile del Centro Autorizzato di Metodiche di procreazione Assistita in regime privato “OPC” Napoli e dal 2004 al 2010 e’ stato Responsabile del centro PMA CDM.

Autore di diverse pubblicazioni scientifiche, relatore e moderatore di numerosi congressi medici accreditati dalla procedura ECM ,ha partecipato a numerosi corsi e convegni nazionali ed internazionali.

E’ Presidente di PA.ME.GE.I.S.S. dal 2013 società scientifica di sterilità e genetica dei paesi del Mediterraneo Ha implementato la propria esperienza collaborando con primari centri PMA Esteri Spagnoli e Greci con i quali ancora oggi detiene rapporti di collaborazione professionale e scientifica. Ha visto riconosciuti i suoi i titoli di studio in Svizzera.

È in possesso di una vastissima casistica di Metodiche di Procreazione Assistita in vitro eseguite come primo operatore presso la Clinica Villa del Sole Napoli e la Clinica Ruesch.a Napoli e nell’ ultimo decennio presso l’AGOI e la CHIANCIANO SALUTE. Inoltre e’ in possesso di vastissima casistica di interventi chirurgici per il ripristino funzionale dell’ apparato riproduttivo femminile e endoscopie presso la Clinica Villa Stabia, C/mare di Stabia e la Clinica Chianciano Salute SpA di Chianciano Terme.

Nel 1982 ha conseguito la maturità Classica presso la Scuola Militare Nunziatella di Napoli e nell’ 1989 la Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia presso il II policlinico di Napoli. Nel giugno 1990 si e’ iscritto all’Albo Professionale dei Medici Chirurghi dell’Ordine della provincia di Napoli e nell’ottobre del 1996 ha conseguito la Specializzazione in Ginecologia ed Ostetricia presso il I Policlinico di Napoli.

Dal 1992 al 2000 e’ stato assistente medico presso la USL 32 divenuta poi ASL. Fino al 2004 ha assunto la carica di Dirigente Medico in servizio attivo presso la ASL NA 2.