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Canale5 (MCS)

Dr. Mucci in prime time on the Italian national TV channel presents HELIXAFE

Sky News Arabia

Interview on SKY Arabia

Mattino Cinque

The new frontiers of surgery and aesthetic medicine

TG Leonardo

Tv service about Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant


Miami – World Cell Transplantion Congress

RaiNews 24

TV service on the umbilical cord stem bank

Mattino Cinque

Video interview on stem cells in umbilical blood cord

TG Leonardo

TV Service about stem cells banking at San Marino

Buongiorno Regione

Reportage on umbilical cord blood conservation

1 Mattina

Debate on autologous conservation of cord blood stem cells

TG 5

Reportage about umbilical cord blood donation and conservation


Interview with Prof. Camillo Ricordi on stem cells treatments


Interview on the clinical use of stem cells

TG Leonardo

Regenerative medicine and stem cells as an alternative therapy

UNO Mattina

TV Report on stem cells and umbilical cord blood banks

Medicina 33

Tg2 cameras visit the Bioscience Institute laboratories.


Interview with Prof. Carlo Ventura on stem cells treatments

San Marino World

Interview with Dr. Camillo Ricordi about stem cells

Sat 2000

Federica Panicucci's experience about cord blood bank service

Sat 2000

Report on Bioscience's Stem Cell Cord Blood Banking

TG San Marino

Interview with Sergio Dompè about new technologies used with stem cells

TG San Marino

Service on scientific progress in umbilical cord stem cell research.